Forwarding or redirecting a domain name

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In some cases, people purchase domains as a way to redirect to another. This is useful if your main domain has many characters and is hard to remember and the newly registered domain is the opposite. In other cases, you may wish to redirect your domain while you work on completing your website and don't want it viewable.

Please note that it's not possible to redirect a domain to another page within it, for example: cannot be set to redirect to

This would result in an infinite loop.

Choosing the "Domain Masking" option will allow you to set redirection to another address without that address being known to others. Please note that the address listed in the browser will show as the redirected address for every page navigated within the masked site.

It is also possible to set redirection for your subdomains, and setting a domain to redirect should take effect immediately.

How to Get There

Login to your Bravenet account, navigate to the Domains tab, select Setup Domain Redirection, and then redirect the desired domain name.