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See Special:Categories for a list of categories.

See [1] for the defined templates.

To Do

  • create template with suggested wikitext layout
  • not sure what guideline to go for all lower case articles
  • categorize all existing articles (mostly done)
  • redo wikitext on all existing articles
  • vet all existing articles for content, edit as needed
  • link box with bravenet links
  • relocate the login button
  • add all the KB articles

Style Guidelines


  • First letter capitalization on main articles - casual sentence structure
  • Categories Are Title Capitalized
  • Templates are like articles
  • Use standard industry capitalization rules for acronyms and industry terms, i.e. e-mail/E-Mail, FTP, etc.


  • US English


  • Categorize as much as makes sense, the more the better, but don't create excess categories
  • If a category has less than 10 members, why have it?
  • Glossary - categorize using [[Category:Glossary|<term>]], name page "What is <term>?" example
  • Helpful Links - categorize using [[Category:Helpful Links|<type>]], name page "Helpful <type> Links" example
  • Don't link a page into both Getting Started and Glossary, but DO link lots of terms in the Getting Started pages to the appropriate Glossary entry.


  • List a brief resolution, but link to a full howto article where possible.

External Links

  • Always include {{Link disclaimer}} on Helpful <type> Links pages
  • Collect all external links onto Helpful Links pages if at all possible, and link to that. For example, in the htaccess page, under rewrite rules, "you can find links to helpful rewrite guides on our Helpful htaccess Links Page.
  • Use permalinks, and ensure that the target is not too dynamic (don't link to blog posts, etc if possible)
  • Primarily link to official documentation and official guides


  • Use correct wikitext
  • Avoid HTML tags as much as possible
  • Don't intermix markup tags - for example ==='''this is silly'''===
  • Keep in mind that wikitext looks different with different skins and different CSS themes - when we switch skins, we want a consistent change.

Images and other media

  • Categorize images too. Makes it easier if/when our interface changes.