Using the Dashboard

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The Dashboard tab provides an overview of your account - what websites you have, which tools you have registered, and your personal information is all listed here.


Manage Bravenet Services

  • Click on the Site Builder tab to access the Site Builder manager.
  • Click on the Domains tab to access the Domains manager.

Account Drop-down

  • Edit Profile - Change your account information, such as your name, address, and other contact information. You can also delete your Bravenet account here, or change your username and/or password. Note that this will not change the information associated with your domains.
  • Billing Transactions - View your transaction history here. You can access invoices for past charges here, and manage recurring transactions. In addition, you can change or add credit cards associated with the account.
  • Newsletter Subscriptions - You can access our Members Update newsletter from here. Upcoming events and special offers are listed here.
  • Logout - Allows you to log out of your account.
  • Switch Account - Allows you to easily log out and then login to a different Bravenet account.

Images & Stock Photos

  • Here you can upload images for use in your Bravenet services. We also offer a large library of stock photos for use with your website/services.

Help & Support

Quick access to help resources is found here in the account manager. These include:

  • Help Center - the help center is an excellent place to start for help with any issue.
  • Bravenet Wiki - links directly to the main page of this wiki!
  • Report Abuse - direct access to the Abuse Center to report abusing of Bravenet services.