Renaming A Website

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NOTE: This article is only applicable to websites listed under the Web Hosting tab in your Bravenet account.

First, log into your Bravenet account, and switch to the Web Hosting tab. From there, look under the Website Manager heading. This is where you'll manage all of your websites. To build a new site, choose the 'Rename' option from the Rename column in the corresponding row of the website you wish to rename.

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 2.35.21 PM.png You will be prompted to select one of the following options:

  • Use an existing domain

This will allow you to select from a list of domains that you have registered, either by registering them through Bravenet or adding as an external domain. If you do not have a domain registered yet, this option will not appear.

  • Use a subdomain

This will allow you to create a subdomain to refer to your webspace (ie: If you do not have a domain registered, you will be creating a subdomain on - for example,

  • Use a domain registered elsewhere

This will allow you to use a domain that you have registered with another provider. You will have the option of setting an external domain, or transferring your domain.

  • Register a domain

If you do not already have a domain registered, we can help you with that! More information on this process is found in the Registering a domain article.

With our Professional Hosting package you can manage sites on an unlimited number of different domain names.

WARNING: Please be careful when renaming a website. Existing content may link to your old website name. Additionally, if you have any third-party website software such as WordPress, DokuWiki, PHPBB, etc., other steps may be required in order to rename your website. Simply changing the domain name associated with your website will not affect any of the content in your website files and this will need to be manually updated.

If you wish to preserve your original website name and redirect an additional domain name, please see our article on Forwarding or redirecting a domain name.