E-Mail Filtering

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You can filter incoming mail to other folders, and do much more, using Filters.

How to Get There

  1. Log into your webmail account at https://webmail.bravehost.com. This can also be accessed through the email tab on bravenet.com
  2. Click on the Settings button
  3. Click on Filters

Filter Sets

A Filter Set is a set of filters. You can use one Filter set at a time, where the active filter set is not grey'd out. To activate a Filter set click on the filter set, click on the gear below, and select Enable/Disable. You can only have one active Filter set enabled at once.


To export your Filter Set, ensure the Filter Set you want to export is selected, then click the image of the gear below and select "Download" to download as a file


To import your Filter Set, click the Plus under Filter Sets at the bottom. Select "From File", and choose the file which contains a backup of your filters.


Filters are added to filter sets. Incoming mail is processed in order of the filters, from top to bottom. There are 2 parts to each filter, Matching, and Actions taken if the incoming email matches.


  • Subject: Subject of the email
  • From: Who this was sent from
  • To: Address this was sent to. Some mailing lists would have this as the name of the mailing list.
  • Body: This is the content (or body) of the email
  • Size: Size of the email
  • ...: For Advanced use. Can be used to match any other field that is not listed above (such as Reply-To)
  • Expressions: Allows you to use wildcards when searching. * matches zero or more characters, and ? matches a single character.


  • Move Message To: Move the email to this folder.
  • Copy Message To: Copy a message to this folder.
  • Redirect Message To: Redirects this message to this email address. The email will not be saved to the inbox.
  • Send Message Copy To: Sends a copy of the email to this mail address.
  • Reply with Message : Send a vacation message
    • Message body : Content of the email
    • Message Subjet : Subject of the email
    • My email : Email address of the sender
    • How often send messages : Duration of replying email (eg: 5, it will only send one auto reply to specific email address in 5 days)
  • Delete Message: Deletes the message
  • Set/Add/Remove Flags to the message: Modifies the message flags (such as email read). If you are also Moving the Message to another folder, Flags need to be changed first.
  • Stop Evaluationg Rules: Will not process any additional rules for this email.


Vacation Auto-Responder

  1. Login to the email account on the webmail client at https://webmail.bravehost.com
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Click on the Vacation button from the left-hand Settings panel.
  4. For Subject specify what you want the auto-response email subject to be.
  5. For Body' type the message content that you want sent in the email body.
  6. If applicable, you can specify dates for Vacation start and end, and this vacation auto-response will only be active within that window of time.
  7. Set Status to On if you want this vacation filter to start activated and begin working.
  8. Click on Save to complete.

There are additional settings that can be applied, as well, on the Advanced Settings tab:

  • My e-mail addresses uses the email in question if left blank; this field is used to determine if the email that is being received has been sent explicitly to you, or if you are receiving it indirectly, for example as a result of being on a mailing list news@somelist.com. The filter will detect the newsletter was sent to news@somelist.com, and it will not send the auto-response unless you have explicitly added news@somelist.com to the My e-mail addresses list. If you don't know what this is used for, you can safely leave this field blank.
  • Reply interval is how many days between sending the vacation response to a specific sender. This only applies to individual senders.
  • Incoming message action determines how to handle the email after it is received. By default it will Keep it, but you can for example set it to Send copy to a third email, or similar.

Manual Auto-Response Filters

  1. Login to your email account on the webmail client at https://webmail.bravehost.com
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Click on Filters from the left-hand Settings panel.
  4. Edit or add a new filter.
  5. For incomming mail set it to all messages.
  6. Under execute the following actions specify Reply with message.
  7. Set the message body to what you want the auto-response message to be.
  8. Set the message subject to what the subject of the response email should be.
  9. Set my email addresses to the from email that should be displayed on the sent response.
  10. Click Save.