Domain contract

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When you register a domain, you enter into a contract with a registrar, either directly or through a domain reseller. This contract gives you certain rights and certain obligations.

You can find the Bravenet DNS terms of service at

General Rights

For Bravenet's specific terms of service, refer to

  • Typically, you can apply for a domain either for your own use or for the use of a 3rd party that you're acting as an agent of.
  • Typically, 61+ days after registering a domain, you can transfer that domain to another registrar (there is a fee associated with this, however).
  • You will have a period before the domain expires in which you can renew your domain without interruption, and without running the risk of losing that domain name. Your registrar will contact you through the contact information you have provided to let you know when your domain enters this period. After this period, the domain name is available to anyone who wants it.

General Obligations

For Bravenet's specific terms of service, refer to

  • All information provided in the application for a domain name has to be accurate, and has to be updated to remain accurate.
  • Domain name registrations and transfers are non-refundable.
  • .biz domain names must be used for business or commercial purposes.
  • .name domain names must constitute your name, or a name that you are known by.
  • Others may dispute your ownership of a domain if it makes use of registered trademarks, or is used for illegal purposes.
  • You have to indemnify the registrar against any action taken against them as a result of your registering that particular domain name.
  • Violation of your obligations may result in your losing that domain.