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There are limits on how much data can be stored on your account. When you add files to your account, your disk space will go down; conversely, when you delete files from your account, your available disk space will increase. If you find that you are nearing your disk space limits, check if you have extra, unneeded files on your site.

Note that some PHP scripts will create new files during their operation, and sometimes these files can get pretty large.

Storage Limits

All users have a limit on disk space:

  • Basic - 500 MB
  • Advanced - 10 GB
  • Corporate - 20 GB

Viewing Your Disk Space Usage

To check your current disk space usage:

  1. Log in to your Bravenet account.
  2. Select the account tab.
  3. In the Webhosting.png Web Hosting area of the page, you can see your total disk space usage.

For a break down of usage per website, select the websites tab. There you will find a table of all your websites, with details of how much space each is using up and how much bandwidth they've used from your monthly quota.

Increasing Your Limits

When upgrading or renewing your account, you can choose to double or triple your resources (monthly bandwidth, disk space, and hosted domains) for the period that you're renewing.

If you want to increase your resources on your existing account, you can still use the renew link on the account tab. This will recalculate your hosting term based off of the value of the time remaining on your current contract and the additional money you will be paying for the renewal term. This total value is then used to calculate a new end to your hosting term, with the appropriate increased limits.

You can also contact our support team through by opening a support ticket, and they can help increase the limits on your account.