View Email Accounts Overview

This page provides instructions to view the summary information on the email accounts in your Bravenet Account.


You can view the summary information on the email accounts in your account using the following process.

Further Details

Step 1 Login or create a new account at Bravenet

Use the following link to login to an existing Bravenet Account.

Step 2 Add more email accounts to your account

  1. Click on the 'Email' tab
  2. Click on the 'Accounts Overview' button

Sample Accounts Overview Information


Storage Space

Storage Size

The Storage Size is the total amount of storage available to allocate to all email accounts in your account. The minimum storage you can allocate to an Email Account is 1 GB.

Valid Until

The Valid Until Date is the date that your email storage expires and if you want to continue to use the email accounts you must renew your storage. See renewing your storage HERE. Please note for Web Hosting accounts that were upgraded from Email Only Accounts, this expiration may be different than the Web Hosting expiration date.

Days Remaining

This is the number of days remaining until your email storage expires.

Storage Allocated

The total storage currently allocated to your Email accounts.

Storage Remaining

The remaining storage available for use to allocate to Email accounts.

Mail Accounts

Max Email Accounts

The maximum number of Email accounts currently in your account. To increase the number of accounts at any time please see Add Additional Email Accounts

Email Accounts Created

The current number of active Email accounts in your account.

Email Accounts Remaining

The current number of Email accounts in your account that you can allocate.

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