Why is my outlook.com web client not syncing to my account?

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Note: Microsoft has released a notice that as of May 10, 2021 they are no longer allowing future connections to the outlook.com web client. User's that were connected to the outlook.com web client before this date will be allowed to continue syncing their existing IMAP connection to the outlook.com web client.

Outlook's web client offered on outlook.com is intended to be a "one-way" email client. This means any changes made to your email account, including moving, deleting, or sweeping email within the outlook.com email client will have no affect on your connected Bravenet email account. [1]

While our members are welcome to use any third-party email client they wish, we do advise you to keep in mind that outlook.com is a one-way email client when using this service. It may be beneficial to move or delete emails from your built in Webmail client or a different email client to ensure that these changes are synced and your email storage is accurately reflected on all connected email clients.

Outlook's web client is only offered online and can be accessed through your web browser at outlook.com. Please note that this is a separate service from Outlook's downloadable software application that supports IMAP connections and is intended to sync any changes to your connected email account. For more information on how to connect the Outlook application, please see our article on Microsoft Outlook 2019.