What can I do to prevent my tagboard from being spammed?

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If you receive spam to your tagboard, you can ban this visitor from your Bravenet services using their IP address, as well as remove these posts if you would like. To get the IP address and delete a post from within the Tag Board:

1. Log into your Bravenet account
2. Click on the Web Apps tab
3. Click on "Blog" in your list of Web Tools
4. Click on "Manage Tagboard"
5. Click on "Click here to Delete Tagboard Entries" under "Tag Board Maintenance"
6. Here you can copy the IP address at the right side of the tagboard entry. You can click on the checkbox at the left side of entries you would like to remove, and click on "Delete Selected Entries" at the bottom of the page to delete entries.

If want to ban this specific user, copy the IP address on this page, then follow these directions to ban the IP address you have copied:

1. Click on "Cancel" at the bottom of the page
2. Click on "IP banning"
3. In the "Ban an IP address" area, enter the IP and click Add IP