Web Hosting Tab

All your Bravenet websites are collected here. When creating a website, start with the House.png Build a new website or the Frontpage.png New frontpage site (pro users only).


  • House.png Build a new website - This is where you start when building a website. This will create the framework for using the file manager or FTP to upload your site.
  • Frontpage.png New frontpage site - If you are building a Frontpage site, use this option instead of the regular Build a new website option.
  • Find.png - You can search for a domain name here as well. There's more domain options in the domains tab.
  • Manage.PNG Manage - You can access the Website manager for an already registered website by either clicking its name or this icon next to the name.
  • View.PNG View - View a website you have created by clicking this icon to the right of the website that you wish to view.
  • Delete.PNG Delete - Delete a website by selecting this icon. WARNING - ALL the files on your website will be deleted, and are NOT recoverable! Ensure you have a backup, just in case!

Other Information

Under the Manage Websites' header, you will see a list of your current websites (if you have created any). Some additional information is listed for each site:

  • Website Address - This is the domain or subdomain that your site is registered on. You can click the name to open that site in our website manager.
  • Site Type - This will either be Standard, for most websites, or Frontpage if that site was configured to be managed through Frontpage.
  • Bandwidth Used - This is the total bandwidth used by this site.
  • Storage Used - This is how much storage space your site takes up.