Using your Bravenet e-mail account

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E-mail can be sent and received in 2 different ways.

1. An e-mail address created within your account can be configured to work with a 3rd party e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Use this information for your email client (e.g. Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.):

   * Incoming mail (POP3):
   * Outgoing mail (SMTP):
   * User or Account Name: The mailbox email address you wish to use
   * Password: The password you set for the address

Outlook Express Setup

  1. Go to Tools / Accounts / Add > / Mail
  2. Type in your Display Name and click 'Next >'
  3. Enter your e-mail address. e.g. /
  4. Enter your Incoming mail server.
  5. Enter your Outgoing mail server. and click 'Next >'
  6. Type in your Account name. Your account name is your full e-mail address (
  7. Enter the Password you have selected for the e-mail account if you want outlook to remember your password.
  8. Click 'Next >' and then click 'Finish >'
  9. Select your newly added account in the Mail tab and click 'Properties'.
  10. Choose the Servers tab, then check "My Server requires authentication".
  11. Select Settings. Check 'Log On Using' and enter your hosting email address and your POP3 password and click 'OK' and 'OK' again.

Mozilla Thunderbird Setup

  1. Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) and click 'Add...'.
  2. Type in a Description and enter your Server Name:
  3. Under Security and Authentication check 'Use name and password' and enter your email address in User Name:
  4. Go to Tools / Account Settings and click Add Account
  5. Select Email account and click 'Next >'
  6. Type in your Name and your Email address (eg. John Doe and and click 'Next >'.
  7. Under Server Information select POP and type in your Incoming mail server: and click 'Next >'
  8. Enter your Incoming User name. Your incoming user name is your full e-mail address (
  9. Type an Account name that will be used to identify this account or used the pre-filled information and click 'Next >' then click 'Finish'.
  10. Enter the account email address for User Name.

If you have issues in using the default port 25, please try port 587.


2. To access your email through the webmail system, navigate to and enter your email address and password, or navigate there from within your account using the steps below.

How to Get There

Email.JPG > Checkmail.PNG