Using the Dashboard

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The Account tab in the account manager provides an overview of your account - what websites you have, which tools you have registered, and your personal information is all listed here.


Manageservices.png Manage Bravenet Services

  • Click on the Orangearrow.png button in the Braveapps Web Tools area to access the Web Applications manager.
  • Click on the Orangearrow.png button in the Bravemailer Elist Service area to access the Bravenet E-lists manager.
  • Click on the Orangearrow.png button in the Bravedomains Domain Manager area to access the Bravedomains manager.

Membership.png Member Information

Accountimages.gif Account Images & Stock Photos

  • Here you can upload images for use in your Bravenet services. We also offer a large library of stock photos for use with your website/services.

Helpsupport.gif Help & Support

Quick access to help resources is found here in the account manager. These include:

  • Helpcenter.gif Help Center - the help center is an excellent place to start for help with any issue. All help forums are linked to from this page and support tickets can be opened here as well.
  • Wiki.gif Bravenet Wiki - links directly to the main page of this wiki!
  • Abuse.gif Report Abuse - direct access to the Abuse Center to report abusing of Bravenet services.
  • Resources.gif Webmaster Resources - links directly to our Webmaster Resources page.