Someone made an offensive posting in my GuestMap. What can I do?

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Follow these instructions to delete the message and ban the offending IP:

1. Log into Bravenet and click on "Guestmap" in your list of registered services
2. Click on "Edit Messages"
3. Copy the IP address next to the posting
4. Select the checkbox next to the posting, and click the "Delete Selected" button to remove the posting
5. Click on the Back to Manager button to return to your GuestMap Manager
6. In the Utilities area, click "IP Banning"
7. In the Ban an IP Address section, paste the IP and click the "Add IP" button

If you are worried about young visitors viewing nasty messages, consider turning on the Post Approval feature in your General Settings area. This would give you a chance to review messages before they appear on your GuestMap.