Site Builder Registration

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To get started with the Bravesites site builder, all you need to do is Sign up for a Bravenet account and click on the "Site Builder" tab in your account to start the process.

Next - choose your theme!

A free version is available for this service, so you can jump right in to try it out. If you like it, you can upgrade at any time!


All available Themes can be viewed here. Simply click on the Theme you would like to use. Choosing a New Theme later is quick and easy, so don't worry about making a permanent choice here.

Before we can continue, we need an address for our new site.


To continue on with the trial, you can choose the first option - a domain can always be registered later. If you want to get started with a domain right away, choose the second option. This requires that you purchase a paid plan. Using a custom domain with your Bravesites website is only available with our paid Starter and Premium packages and not the trial.

Once you complete this process, you should be given a link to begin editing your site using the site builder!

For a full outline of how the site builder works and how to use it, please see Creating your first Website Builder site.