Site Builder Registration

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To get started with the Bravesites site builder, all you need to do is Sign up for a Bravenet account and click on the "Site Builder" tab in your account to start the process.

The first step is to choose the paid plan that is right for you. For more information about these plans, their prices and what they offer, please see our Hosting Matrix here: and our price list here: If Bravehost FTP Hosting seems to be a better fit, you can also start the process of registering that instead on this page.

Not sure which plan you'll need or if the site builder is right for you? We offer a free trial for either plan initially so you can assess the builder and see what it can offer you. Just click 'start free trial' for the plan that appears to be the best match - you can always switch plans later!

Next - choose your theme!


All available Themes can be viewed here. Simply click on the Theme you would like to use. Choosing a New Theme later is quick and easy, so don't worry about making a permanent choice here.