Installing Software

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Our builder offers an easy way to integrate third party software into your website, such as Wordpress.

To access this area, visit the FTP Hosting section of your account and create a new or manage an existing site within the FTP Hosting Control Panel. Click on the following link as it displays there:


Just click the Install Software link on the following page to get started. Any Currently Installed Software will also display here.

If you're not sure what some available software does, you can perform a web search for more information or read the description we provide for each one. All you will need to do is specify an installation directory within the address you are working. We recommend a designated folder for each script.

Once this is complete, you will need to enter the configuration area for the software. Any databases required for the software have been created, and usernames and passwords will appear as prefilled with the correct values. The installation process will then complete as per the requirements of the developers.

Using our software manager will make the process much easier and you will be up and running more quickly than before!