I'm seeing an unusually large number of first-time visits in the counter statistics. What could cause this?

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When someone visits your webpage with the Counter Stats on it, a cookie is saved on their computer. If they clear their browser cookies, when they come back they would be counted as a first-time visitor again.

If they don't have cookies enabled, or if their web browser doesn't support cookies, they would always be counted as a first-time visitor. The cookies may also be blocked by a security program on their computer.

If you have the Premium Hosting, more accurate server-side statistics are available.

1. Log into Bravenet
2. Click on your website URL
3. Click on 'enable statistics'

There is not a section for "first-time visits", however you could easily determine any new visitors yourself because the statistics are much more detailed.

Each individual visitor is tracked by their unique IP address. Associated with the IP is their city, total number of pages viewed, hits, bandwidth used, last visit date, and much more.