How does the Mailing List service work?

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You place the copy/paste code we provide you into the HTML code of your webpage, then save and publish/upload the revised file to your webspace.

This code places a form on your webpage. Visitors can join your mailing list by filling in their name and email address, and clicking on the 'Subscribe' button.

They will then be sent an email to confirm their subscription. They must respond to this email (by clicking on the link provided in it) before they will be added to your Active Contacts list.

The message they receive can be customized from your Mailing List Service Manager. You should explain to visitors what they can expect from being on your mailing list, either in your opt-in email message or on your webpage. You may also want to design a custom Thank You page.

Subscribers may unsubscribe by revisiting your site, filling out the form, and choosing the unsubscribe radio button. A link to unsubscribe will also be placed at the bottom of your newsletter.

There is no the option to specify which email addresses the Newsletter is sent to. Your newsletters will be sent to everyone in your Active Subscribers list.