How do I send out a Newsletter to my subscribers using the HTML Builder?

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1. Log into your Bravenet account
2. Click on the Mailing List Service tab
3. Click on the button "Create a New Campaign"
4. Select a theme and click the "Select" button
5. Enter in a name for the Campaign and a subject line (eg: Holiday Newsletter)
6. Click "Start building" button
7. Drag & Drop components from the left pane to your newsletter to add content
    i. To add/adjust the borders click the "Borders/Margins" tab
    ii. To add/adjust the width of the newsletter or colors of your text click the "Width/Colors" tab
8. Click the "Preview" button to have a copy sent to your email address only, or click on the "Send to Subscribers" button to send the Newsletter to all of your Active Subscribers