How do I edit a form in the Form Builder?

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To edit a form saved in your Form Builder, follow these steps:

1. Log into Bravenet
2. Click on Email Forms
3. Click on Forms Builder
4. Click on My Forms
5. Click on the 'edit' link next to the form you want to change

To delete a question, click on 'delete' next to it.

To edit a question, click the edit link next to it. Make your changes in spaces provided, then click Save Changes when done.

If you want to add a question, click on Add Question. Enter in your details, and click Save Changes.

NOTE: No changes have been saved permanently yet!

6. Click on the "Save" tab on the far right
7. Click the Update Form button to update your form in the form builder. Now all your changes are fully saved, and will be available in the builder if you go back to edit the form later.