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E-Mail programs require a variety of information to correctly send and receive e-mail.  In addition, some [[PHP scripts]] require this information as well.
#REDIRECT [[Using your Bravenet e-mail account]]
==Server Information==
In this example, substitute your domain for <tt>example.com</tt>, and your email address for <tt>example-account@example.com</tt>
'''Incoming mail (POP3) server''' - pop3.example.com
'''Outgoing mail (SMTP) server''' - mail.example.com
'''SMTP Server Authentication''' - Some e-mail clients will have a checkbox to enable SMTP or Outgoing Server authentication.  Make sure this is enabled.
'''Username''' - Both your SMTP (outgoing) and POP3 (incoming) usernames are the same as your e-mail address, for example <tt>example-account@example.com</tt>
'''Password''' - Both your SMTP (outgoing) and POP3 (incoming) passwords are the same - they are the password you chose when setting up your account.  If you forget your password, you can [[change your e-mail password]] on the [[e-mail tab]] of the [[account manager]].

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