Domain transfers

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If you wish to make a transfer to another registrar you'll need to contact that registrar to initiate the transfer. Domain transfers are always handled by the gaining registrar. Before initiating the domain transfer, ensure that the domain is unlocked and obtain the domain transfer key from the current/losing registrar.

Once the transfer has been initiated successfully, the gaining registrar is responsible for validating the request with the customer. This validation normally comes in the form of a confirmation link within an e-mail, sent to the administrative contact. Some registrars use signed faxes as an alternative. Bravenet's registrar uses the email confirmation method. If the user is unable to access that email they can use the fax method

Once the transfer has been confirmed it can take from five to ten business days to complete.

After the transfer is completed, a year is always added to the expiration date of the domain.

If the domain transfer fails, please contact our support department at