A visitor submitted an Ad but is not able to edit it. What can we do to change this?

Revision as of 12:18, 1 December 2009 by Nick (talk | contribs)

If the visitor does not enter a password when submitting the Ad, they will not have the ability to change it.

There is currently no option to turn on or off this feature.

If the user of your Classifieds service supplies a password when they submit the Ad, it will give them the option to enter the password in order to edit their Ad.

If the user does not do this, as the owner of the service you would need to make a change to their post. You can click on the "Edit Entries", locate the ad that they are wanting access to and click on the "Edit" button to the right.

This will allow you to edit anything in the Ad as well as place a password in the blank field for them to access on their own. You would then need to supply the visitor who placed the Classified with the new password.