What added features will I receive if I upgrade to the Professional Counter Stats service?

The Professional Counter Stats service provides the following features:

-All popup ads will be removed from your service.
-Your service limit increases to allow you to create 25 counters ( or higher based on package).
-Ability to turn your Counters invisible.
-Ability to hide the View Stats button completely.
-Private Statistics allow you to set a password on your statistics page.
-A button will appear on the referral page, which pops up a map that shows where your visitors are coming from.
-Your maximum hits per day increases from 20,000 to 100,000
-The size of the referrers area increases to show 500 referrers instead of 10.
-See statistics for the past 12 months!

Note: By upgrading, you will not get access to any previous statistics.