Transferring a domain

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If your domain is registered with another registrar and you want to transfer it to us, allowing you to fully control the domain from within your account, you will want to use the below steps.

Please note that there are requirements that must be met before the transfer can be processed successfully. If 1 or more of these requirements are not met, the transfer will fail. The requirements are as follows:

  • The domain must be greater than 60 days old
  • The domain must be unlocked
  • The domain transfer code must be correct (This can be acquired from your current registrar)
  • Domain Privacy on the domain must be disabled

We also recommend you ensure that the current administrative contact e-mail address for your domain is up to date and currently accessible.

Not sure if your domain is greater than 60 days old, unlocked or has a current administrative contact e-mail address? Please check the WHOIS information to be sure.

Once you have met the requirements and completed the transfer payment, for most transfers you should expect a transfer authorization request to be sent to your current administrative contact e-mail address with a link to approve the transfer. The transfer must be approved with this email before the transfer can take place. Once you have done this, you're done! The rest of the transfer is automatic and can take up to 7 full days (from the time you approved it) to complete.

There is a cost associated with a domain transfer, however upon completion of the transfer, your domain will also be renewed for 1 year.

How to Get There

Click on the 'Domains' tab and click 'Transfer a Domain to Us'.