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SFTP tab

To load files onto your website, or back up your data from your website, you'll want to use SFTP. You can use a third-party SFTP application, or you can use our SFTP applet. Either way, you need to create a SFTP account on this pane first. In addition, you will need the username and the server/hostname from this screen if using a third-party SFTP program.


  • New SFTP Account - Create a new SFTP account, allowing you to upload files to your websites.
  • Launch - Connect to your SFTP account using our SFTP applet. This is only recommended when uploading smaller files - for large websites, consider using a 3rd party FTP program.
  • Edit - You can change your SFTP user name and change your SFTP root by selecting this option.
  • Change - Change the password of an SFTP account by selecting this icon to the right of the account you wish to change.
  • Delete - Delete your SFTP account with this option. This will not delete any data on your site, but it will prevent you from connecting using that account in the future.