SFTP (SSH file transfer)

For the greatest security possible when connecting via FTP, we suggest using SFTP. We support this for all FTP accounts.

You can read about SFTP here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSH_file_transfer_protocol

This is a secure alternative to FTP that keeps usernames and passwords from being transmitted in plain text and easily stolen by malware and other 3rd parties.

One way to try this is using WS_FTP Professional (free trial download from ipswitchft.com/ws-ftp-client/). Simply pick 'SFTP/SSH' as the connection type in the drop down - same FTP hostname, username and password as before. It will prompt you with our public key, accept it and you're in. It will function the same, though possibly a touch slower due to the encryption overhead.

For other FTP clients, we suggest referring to the program help documentation.