Password protecting folders

This is only supported with the Professional hosting. If you want to password protect a single webpage, you can use the separate Password Protect service. To protect your full folder, you will need two files:

1. The .htaccess file - this is placed inside the folder you want to protect
2. The .htpasswd file - this should be placed in a folder on your site where only you have access to edit it

The server path you need to add to the beginning of your AuthUserFile path is located within your Bravenet account. The AuthUserFile path should point to your password file. To get the path, login and click on Websites, click on your URL, then scroll down to the Storage Path.

Your .htaccess file would look something like:

AuthUserFile /misc/23/000/101/600/9/user/web/
AuthName "Private Area"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

Your .htpasswd file would look something like this:


You can use an online .htpasswd generator such as the following to create your password file: