My visitors are unable to post to my GuestMap. What could be wrong?

-They may be attempting to post without filling out the required boxes in the posting form. If the posting fails they should receive a red error message "Error: Missing or invalid required information." in the bar at the bottom of the map. They should retry the post, filling in at least the name and comments boxes.

-Your total number of postings may have been reached. Check the graph on your Account Overview page to see how many posts you have used.

-You may have made the GuestMap "Read Only". Go to your GuestMap General Settings page and click on the button beside No in the Read Only section to allow your visitors to post again. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button.

-They could be using an outdated browser version. The GuestMap service requires a newer browser of the 6.x series (IE or NS), or better. The Map may not function properly in older browsers.