How can I export entries from my Bravenet Blog to Site Builder

1. Log into your Bravenet account.

2. Click manage beside your Blog service.

3. Click 'Export Posts To Site Builder'.

4. Click the 'Export blog post xml' button.

5. Download and save the file onto your computer.

6. Navigate to the 'Site Builder' tab and click 'edit' on your blog site or create a new one.

7. In the Bravesites Website Builder, navigate to Blogs from the 'Manage Website' drop-down menu.

8. Click 'Import posts' from the Manage Blog Posts dialog. Click Bravesite Blogs and Browse for the Exported blog posts xml file. Click 'Upload' then 'Done'.

That should do it! If you want, you can optionally setup a redirect to your Site Builder site from your old Bravenet Blog by going back into the Export feature and filling in the URL in step 5 and clicking the 'Create Redirect' button. Please note if you delete your old Bravenet Blog service, the redirect will stop working.