How can I create an event which will recur after a certain period of time?

When creating or editing an event, to set the event to be recurring, drop down the select menu below the "Date of Event" or "Recurs?" field to the interval you want.

In the "Recur Until:" field you will need to specify the date the events should stop occurring.

You can set your event to happen at specific intervals, for example: every day, every Friday, every month, every two weeks, first Monday of every month, etc.

Please note, if you are creating a lot of events, only the first 31 events will display. Any additional events above 31 would be extended day by day by our system.

For weekly events, this means they'll show for most of a year, and every week will advance one day. Daily events show for about a month and a half, and advance forward a day every day.