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Email Accounts

E-mail is short for electronic mail and is a method of transferring data or information via electronic communication systems through sending and receiving.

You can create e-mail accounts attached to your Bravenet account. These e-mail accounts can be accessed using our webmail utility, or through your favorite e-mail client (such as Outlook or Apple's Mail.app).

Only professional users can use the Bravenet e-mail services.


  • New Email Address - Create a new e-mail account for sending and receiving e-mail.
  • New Email Forwarder - Create a e-mail forwarding account by selecting this option. All email sent to a forwarding address will be forwarded to a single standard e-mail account.
  • New Email Group - Create a group e-mail address with this option. All e-mail sent to a group address will be forwarded to up to 20 other e-mail addresses. (Need to create larger mailing lists? Check out the web tool!)
  • check - Check your e-mail in your web browser by clicking this next to the e-mail account you wish to check.
  • edit - Change your email password or e-mail group or e-mail forwarder options by selecting this next to the name of the account you wish to adjust.
  • delete - Delete an email account, forwarder, or group by selecting this next to the name of the account. You WILL lose all the e-mail stored on Bravenet servers that is associated with that account - consider backing up your e-mail first!