Counter Definitions

Note: All times represented in the Statistics sections of the service are in Pacific Standard Time.

First-Time Visitor

A first-time visitor is a visitor who has not been identified as having already been to the page that you are tracking.

Returning Visitor

A Returning Visitor is a visitor with an existing analytics cookie from a previous visit. It is a measurement of how influential a page is. The higher the number, the more frequently it was viewed. Returning visitors are tracked on a daily basis based on IP and is reset at midnight.

Unique Visitor

Unique visitor are distinct individuals that are requesting pages from a website during a given period of time. Regardless of how often they visit.


A pageview is the number of times a visitor views a page on your website, regardless of how many hits are generated.

  • Page hits - track every single instance of a hit and are a separate stat.
  • Page visits - track unique visitors on a daily basis based on IP and reset at midnight.