Backing Up Your Websites Files

To backup your SFTP based websites files, you will want to ensure that you have an SFTP client ready. We recommend using Filezilla for its simple interface.

To find your SFTP login details you can follow the directions below:
1. Log into your Bravenet account
2. Click on the "SFTP" tab at the top of the page
3. Get your SFTP login details here

All the information required will be listed on the SFTP page.

Example: Host: User: username-userid (Ex: bravenet-0123456789) Port: 22


To connect to your account via Filezilla, we recommend reviewing our article on How to Connect using Filezilla.

Once you have connected to your website within Filezilla, you will see a bunch of files listed within the right size of the applications window. The files listed are your websites files.

To backup your websites files, you will want to drag the files from the right side to a folder listed in the left side of the application. Moving the files to the left will begin the process of copying (downloading) the files from your website to your local PC.