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The Dashboard is our custom tool for managing all aspects of your account - everything from changing your password, to creating a new website, to managing your domains can be accomplished from the Dashboard.

To access the Dashboard, you need to log in to your Bravenet account. If you do not have an account, it's easy to get one!

All the articles related to the account manager can be found in the account manager category page - check there for more detailed information about any of the options.


You can easily access any section using the navigation tabs on the top of the page. Make sure you're logged in, otherwise these options will not be available! More detailed information on each section is available - just click on the appropriate header below.


This page provides an overview of your account. A list of the websites you have, which web apps are available to you, and your account information is all listed in the account tab. Most of the common tasks involved with creating and managing your websites can be launched from here.

Web Tools

We have dozens of web tools available for use on your websites. Most of these tools have both a free and a pro version. This tab is where you can manage your web tools - you can register any combination of web tools you wish here.

In addition, once you've registered a web tool, you can find more information on it and customize it to suit your website and your needs by selecting it out of the list on this page.

Web Hosting

This tab contains all the options you need to build and manage an FTP website.

Site Builder

This tab contains all the options you need to build and manage a website with Bravesites Site Builder.


This tab is where you register, transfer, and manage domains.

Email Accounts

You can create e-mail accounts attached to your Bravenet account. These e-mail accounts can be accessed using our webmail utility, or through your favorite e-mail client (such as Outlook or Apple's Mail.app).

Mailing List Service

This tab is where you manage your Mailing List Service.


If you are having problems, this is the place to look! This is also the portal to our user forums and our support client.