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How does the Site Search service work?

You can customize your Site Search page, and enter which page addresses you would like to make searchable. When adding a page, it will automatically be scanned for keywords for you.

You can also use the Site Search to look for images, or documents (or any other type of file), but only html pages will be scanned automatically for keywords.

Our server contacts your site, gathers text from it, (referred to as spidering of your web page) and stores it for use in the search engine.

You can then place the copy/paste code from this service onto a webpage then save and publish or upload the revised file to your web server.

This code places a small form on your webpage.

A visitor will enter keywords into the form and click on the "Search!" button. The visitor will then be directed to your customized Site Search page where the search results will be displayed.

The results will show in alphabetical order, based off website address.

The results page is run off our Bravenet servers. The visitor can return to your website by clicking on the "Return to Website" link on this page.