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What is Domain Privacy?

Domain Privacy is a service offered by Bravenet that protects your personal information. The core benefit being that it protects your information from spammers, marketers, and identity thieves looking to harvest your information.

Domain privacy is included in our Bravenet Pro package and is available for purchase on a per domain basis. The cost of domain privacy is $3.00 per year and is pro-rated by the number of years you have your domain purchased for.
If you registered your domain for 3 years, the cost of domain privacy would be $9.00 ($3.00 per year)

How Domain Privacy Works

When a customer purchases domain privacy, we replace the public information for the domain with our own information. This includes email address, phone number, physical address.
Below is a sample of how this data would be viewed both with and without Domain Privacy enabled.

With Domain Privacy

Name: Domain Admin Organization: Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a
Street: C/O ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator
City: Nobby Beach
State/Province: Queensland
Postal Code: QLD 4218
Country: AU
Phone: +45.36946676

Without Domain Privacy

Name: Domain Admin
Organization: Doe, John Doe
Street: 123 Anchor Street
City: Parksville
State/Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: V9P 1L2
Country: CA
Phone: +11.2506543210

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